BASH003: King Garbage / kuxxan SUUM - 12"

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BASH003: King Garbage / kuxxan SUUM - 12"


The third BANGERS & ASH 12” from NYC-based Styles Upon Styles instantiates our ethos behind the series - to discover and showcase a producer’s dichotomous talent. Enter Zach Cooper, whose extraterrestrial dance music as kuxxan SUUM couldn't be more different from his avant-soul project with vocalist/drummer Victor DiMotsis as King Garbage. Thus BASH003 mirrors Cooper’s internal divide: Ash consists of four King Garbage tunes, but the Bangers are all kuxx. 

Zach and Vic open 003 with "Pins & Wheels", a thunderous, expansive lullaby that introduces the duo’s aesthetic: distortion, echoes, whispers, and wails floating across muted chords and cavernous bass. "Telephone" strips to a sultry, downcast slice of soul music with a hook that'll linger, before "Green and Blue" bathes in coastal air, dissipating before the final tale of infidelity & lust, "Going to See the Mrs.", ends King Garbage's side. 

Flip to the kuxx's Bangers: "Red Blambingo" claps like a madman along death-ray synths and bubbling turbulence, sputtering hyper-edited vocals from BK MC misterthumbs. "BK Klang" accelerates to light-speed for a manic trip into the heart of an other-worldly rave: a planet spun off its axis and spiraling into a junglist meltdown.

A pair of delirious, unstable portals to kuxxan’s alien soundscapes, both calibrated for outer rim dancefloors.

Ash (King Garbage):

A1. Pins & Wheels (4:30)
A2. Telephone (2:37)
A3. Green & Blue (4:01)
A4. Going To See The Mrs. (3:42)

Bangers (kuxxan SUUM):

B1. Red Blambingo (4:43)
B2. BK Klang (4:00)

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