Gut Nose - 'Filthy City' - LP (SUS006)


Gut Nose - 'Filthy City' - LP (SUS006)


Filthy City, the debut album from modern Gotham’s Gut Nose, encapsulates urban blight through two seamless sides of seething dystopian malaise: a seventeen minute beats tape on the A and nigh-twenty minute mix for the dancers on the flip.

Andrew Vagabundo first released under the Gut Nose moniker in January 2013 with the eat biskit tape, a self-produced and packaged cassette of freaked sonics met with praise from The Quietus and Electronic Beats. We found Andrew’s work by those virtual means and proceeded to rewind the bizkit tape ad nauseam. It wasn’t until a meeting over eggs and ales that we discovered we were digging in the same trenches, tunnels of  mutual enthusiasm for subversion and trend-aversion that enabled SUS and Gut to forge the beginnings of his debut album.

Gut Nose sacrifices a freak show of corroded boom bap, noise, and psychedelic crate-digging to the spirit of our city’s hip hop history across six paranoid movements on the A side. “Dreams & Visions” whispers the threat of “Teflon Love God”, a bruising testament to EL-P’s social anxiety and Premier’s scratched interjections. Both daring, though they yield to the crushing weight of “Oblique Collusion”. The one-two finale of “New Medieval Times” and “Moral Exodus” telegraphs Gut’s warnings to the world of this city’s serfdom and hellbound virtues.

Mirroring New York City’s truths, no one groove rules all. Gut Nose sheds the first half’s cautious ambiance to reveal caustic confidence, challenging precedents in its form. The B side exists on wax as a live mix, reflecting the single-take performance of Filthy City’s first half. Whereas “The Unknown Allure” suggests the ghost of a local’s swagger, “Unseen Force Manipulators” throttles down Myrtle Avenue with unfuckwitable intent. Bold with the cold stare of “Weeknight Shuttle Bus”, a groove as forlorn and steady as a 4am commute, and taut with the furrowed brow of “Hoax Pattern,” this concept, the Filthnoid Mixx, expands the promise of Gut Nose’s earlier material into a volatile blend of lysergic warehouse rhythms.

Embracing duality and throwing precedents to the wind, Filthy City showcases two distinct styles of music blended in real-time and committed to the inevitable frailty of wax. Filthy City mutates hip hop genetics and club chromosomes into a heaving parasite implanted within vinyl, cassette, and digital forms for release at the end of this year’s heat.

Side A [33rpm]

A. Filthy City (17:03)
- Dreams & Visions
- The Unknown Allure
- Teflon Love God
- Oblique Collusion
- New Medieval Times
- Morality Exodus

Side B [33rpm]

B. Filthnoid Mix (18:54)
- Weeknight Shuttle Bus
- Hoax Pattern
- Unseen Force Manipulators
- Zone Elsewhere
- Corrosive

Heavyweight 12" vinyl LP mastered & cut to precision by Matt Colton In London.
The insidious cover art was shot by Rafal Karcz. 

All records come with a high-quality digital download card.

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