Vic Dimotsis - 'Mine Eyes Dazzle' - Cassette (SUS017)

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Vic Dimotsis - 'Mine Eyes Dazzle' - Cassette (SUS017)


Vic Dimotsis channels a kaleidoscopic array of compositions through an infectious sense of humor for his debut release, Mine Eyes Dazzle. The North Carolina-based vocalist, drummer and producer mashes raw drum workouts, muffled R&B, Parisian parlances and birthday voicemails into a two-sided beat tape charged with magnetic imperfection and charm. 

Vic charts a singular path through side-winding breaks and crooning vocals to arrive at a sporadic, free-wheeling and soulful mixtape that's "all smashed together, drippin' in sweat." An immersive collage, Vic's tape is a token of his ability to craft visceral soul music with a drum kit and his throat. Mine Eyes Dazzle is Portishead without the rain, Dilla without L.A., and Hype Williams with drums like Milford. 

Mine Eyes Dazzle was recorded and assembled with help from Zach Cooper.

1. Side A

2. Side B

Cut 1 - 02:38
Cut 2 - 02:26
Cut 3 - 02:18
Cut 4 - 03:06

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