Thaddeus Nelson Jr - 'Dance Record' - 12" (SUS018)


Thaddeus Nelson Jr - 'Dance Record' - 12" (SUS018)


Thaddeus Nelson Jr recorded this 12” after quitting his job at a bowling alley in Times Square.

Once he'd ditched the shouts and strikes of the late night lanes for his studio, TNJ drove new day disco through rhythm machines and tracked his cheekily-christened Dance Record.

Each song encapsulates a different part of the party. The afternoon rays emanating from "Disco Junky", the rowdy energy of "Wild Inn" and the brooding midnight machinations of "Mr Moon" serve as journal entries for a sleepless, summer weekend spent dancing in NYC.

Keep the peace, spread the love and dance with your fellow humans. Dance Record is available for soul brothers and sisters around the world via Styles Upon Styles. 

12" [45RPM]

Side A:

A1. Disco Junky (5:28)
A2. Wild Inn (5:40)

Side B:

1. Mr Moon (7:22)

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