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Certain Creatures @ Bossa Nova Civic Club

Industry of Machines presents:
Reade Truth (Blkmarket Membership | NSyde || NYC)
Løt.te DJ/LIVE (The Bunker NY | Rote Productions || NYC)
Certain Creatures LIVE (Styles Upon Styles || Brooklyn)

House music may to many speak more to the warm climes of summertime, but given a stellar season for techno releases still going strong, it's hard for us not to be swayed towards these harder sounds. There has been a continuous stream emerging of the purest form, on well-regarded labels worldwide, and with this tone set Industry of Machines is happy to announce a heavy techno lineup to shake off the mid-July doldrums as New York's Reade Truth, Løt.te, and Certain Creatures all step up in one night at Bossa Nova Civic Club to bring it rough for summer. 

A longtime DJ and producer and former Sonic Groove employee, few people are closer to the history of New York techno than Reade Truth. Like most electronic musicians of his era, unraveling his discography takes some research, but he made his vinyl debut in 1994 on Direct Drive Limited before moving on to the legendary Sonic Groove imprint and founding his own Path Records, with a later appearance on Planet E Communications just to shore up his already unassailable techno credentials. After a split on Nsyde last year, we happily anticipate new material from him in fall with the launch of the BlkMarket Membership label. Reade has some of the fastest hands we've seen in New York on the decks and a record collection that fully shows the eras he lived through and that he's been keeping up since, so IofM is proud to welcome him to Bossa Nova again to close the night in true NYC techno style. 

A newer name in techno but also an electronic artist with considerable back story, Løt.te has made an impressive entry onto dancefloors worldwide with a pair of formidable EPs for The Bunker New York and continues to impress us with his Resident Advisor podcast, live sets, and recent DJ appearances. With his origins as a noise artist stretching back a decade and also a label, Rote Productions, that he operates for more abstract productions from him and others, Mehmet Irdel is definitely keeping busy, but it's still the Løt.te project that has grabbed us the most. The exact ingredients that make his sound compelling are complex: he combines a sound designer's ear for detail and atmospheres with a deep love for nails-hard techno, particularly the Birmingham strain birthed by Regis and Surgeon in the mid-90s. We welcome back Løt.te for a second BNCC appearance after a recent weeknight gig for Cultivated Sound.

Certain Creatures is Oliver Chapoy, another recent entry into the techno world but a musician with significant history. A member of abstract metal band Shai Hulud and post rock group Saxon Shore, Chapoy has for years worked as a studio engineer, which provided a natural conduit for his transition into electronic music. To date Certain Creatures has released just one 12-inch for Styles Upon Styles Bangers & Ash series, but there is a forthcoming album from the project in the fall that IofM has been lucky enough to hear that suggests a very promising future, and his modular-centric live sets have routinely impressed us. Returning to Bossa after a scorching appearance for IofM here last year, we're pleased to have him back and expect more of the same.

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