Announcing Ohal's Acid Park LP and 'Wintertime' video


"Acid Park is about the encouraging whisper of a mechanistic demon you hear upon waking, taunting you that the right balancing act between too much and too little will lead you to the perfect equilibrium. There's a promise of a sky that will tear the clouds apart and open with a vision for you. A shuttle forward to the next level where nothing can touch Mario, and he's just hanging with a squeaking mushroom. But by evening you remember that the universe is shapeless and infinite, that your brain can't even imagine what Nothing is. You think that you too are an agent of chaos, and all you are left with is throwing sticks on the ground and putting together temporary self-contained equilibriums of meaning. Then, sometimes, you're stuck at war with bullets flying around. Your friends are dying, and you can’t just drive down to their homes. You settle to the night. You know you like the triangle more than the square, it's better when the 3rd oscillator is modulating, and throwing sticks on the ground is fun." - Ohal